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How often do I need to oil my Pyro Tower?Updated 3 months ago

How often do I need to oil my Pyro Tower?

The frequency which you should oil your Pyro Tower varies greatly depending on temperature, precipitation, humidity, and the reason that you are oiling it in the first place. Places that are more damp year-round, such as those on the coast, will require more frequent oiling to maintain the steel finish of the Pyro Tower, should you choose to do that.

If you wish to preserve the look of the Pyro Tower’s original appearance, then it will be necessary to periodically inspect and reapply the oil as it will degrade over time. Simply clean the Pyro Tower with a dry cloth or warm water if necessary. Allow to dry completely. Use a staining pad or cloth rag to apply a very thin layer of food-safe polymerized linseed oil to all surfaces. Thoroughly buff when done to remove excess oil to prevent a gummy finish. The entire process can be completed in less than five minutes.

What happens if you missed a spot and rust begins to develop? No worries! Simply use a piece of steel wool or an abrasive scrubbing pad to remove the rust and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Apply some oil over the area and you're done! The thickness of the steel means it will never "rust through" and it's never too late to make it look like new again.

You can also choose to allow the Pyro Tower to age beautifully through the natural Patina process.

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