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I only received part of my order.Updated 2 months ago

I Only Received Part of my Order

We're sorry for the trouble! Nearly every product we sell ships in multiple boxes to meet UPS requirements for size and weight. Unfortunately, UPS will sometimes deliver one package at a time. Our shipping labels are automated so it's highly unlikely that we didn't ship a box. Most of the time your second box will arrive the following business day.

The most frustrating part is that when you track your order on, your order will show as Delivered, even if some of the boxes haven't arrived yet. UPS assigns a Master Tracking Number to your order, and if only one box of a multi-piece shipment is delivered, it will show at the top of the page that everything was delivered.

You can check for sure by entering your UPS tracking number into their website. Look for the link that says Multiple-piece Shipment to see all of the packages in your order. 

We're always happy to check for you, so give us a call or shoot us an email if you have questions.

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